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Termite Swarming Season

February and March are swarming season for termites as well as some ants. Termite reproductives emerge from their nests to mate in February and March. These mating flights are commonly called “swarms.” Don’t let them make your home their new colony.

If you see termites flying around your area look out! These creatures live underground and tunnel to the basements, foundations of homes to use your wood as a food source.

Look out for tunnels in the mud surrounding your home. If these swarmers are seen inside your home at all, chances are you are infested. In such a case, call a proffesional. IT is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to take on these intruders on your own.

These pests shed their wings as soon as they have found somewhere to take over. If you find wings on the floor, window sill, door frames, table tops, you have an infestation. They need to survive in high moisture environments. Best bet is to look by kitchen or bathroom pipes, the cool basement, or foundation of the home. A lot of people when going through sanitation over look the water drain or gutters of the home. There is plenty of moist soil to create a perfect haven for termites. This year has been exceptionally wet and the last three contracts  I have been working on Southern Maryland  have had  guess what? Termites!

Even if termites are just at the neighbor’s house, you are next. The best advice is to get an annual check up. It may take years for termites to do any real damage, but it is best to get rid of them before it is too late. Some companies use “wooden bait” as a warning sign for termites in or around your property.

Termites cause 5 billion dollars in damage annually. Don’t let them take a bit out of you!

Just keep an eye our for sawdust, small holes in wood, bubbles in paint, and mud tunnels.

My skin is starting to crawl thinking about it!!!

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